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5 Companies Founded by RIC Entrepreneurs

Rhode Island College Impact

65% of RIC graduates live and work in Rhode Island. Many have built their own Rhode Island-based businesses, enriching the R.I. economy.

MEET OUR GRADUATES: Duarte Says Her Degree Will Further Her Life and the Life of Her Family and Community

Rhode Island College Impact

“I’m happy to see my father reach his goal of having all four of his children earn a degree from Rhode Island College,” Duarte says.

Un título universitario que ayudará a mejorar su vida y la vida de su familia y comunidad

Rhode Island College Impact

“Estoy feliz de ver a mi padre alcanzar su sueño de que sus cuatro hijos obtengan un título de Rhode Island College”.      ~ Veronica Duarte 

Anchor 2 Success Program Clears a Pathway to College for Central Falls Students

The best bet for our future is in the faces of these students.

El programa “Anchor 2 Success” abre camino hacia la universidad para estudiantes de Central Falls

Rhode Island College Impact

La mejor apuesta para nuestro futuro está en los rostros de estos jóvenes

Creating a Forum for Difficult Discussions in the Classroom

Rhode Island College Impact

We want our students to feel free to discuss their thoughts on controversial social and political issues in the classroom.

MEET OUR GRADUATES: Chicoine is Now a Three-Time School of Nursing Grad

Rhode Island College Impact

Chicoine opted to return to Rhode Island College because the support is unparalleled.

MEET OUR GRADUATES: Songbird Making Her Mark in Music Industry

Zeltzer started writing lyrics at age nine and has copyrighted more than a dozen songs.

Doble titulación, en la lista de honores y camino a la escuela de odontología

“Muchos miembros de mi familia son médicos, por lo que se podría decir que lo llevo en la sangre”. — Estudiante de RIC Keesha Sánchez

MEET OUR GRADUATES: Lackman Prepares to Wrestle Finance Reports, Not Opponents

The reigning NCAA Division III national champion in wrestling says the sport taught him to never give up.