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Federal Grant to Establish New Information Technology Programming at RIC

Rhode Island College Impact

This grant seeks to assist adult multilingual learners interested in landing careers in high-demand fields like cybersecurity.

RI-PBS is Airing Historical Documentary Series by RIC Film Studies Alum

Over 10 years in the making, “Slatersville” is a documentary by award-winning filmmaker Christian de Rezendes that tells the story of a mill village in northern Rhode Island that ignited the American Industrial Revolution.

Giroux is RIC’s New Connection to the Corporate World

Rhode Island College Impact

Giroux's new position “raises the portfolio of this critical work,” says RIC Interim President Jack Warner.

Members of RIC School of Social Work Gain National Recognition

RIC’S own awarded by R.I. Chapter of NASW

A Latina Strives to Change the Statistics in Her Community

Hispanics are still underrepresented in the STEM fields, says Angeliz Vargas, a mathematics major.

What’s the Value in Studying the Humanities?

As jobs become increasingly automated, employers are seeking workers with skills that machines can’t replace – “uniquely human” skills – like the soft skills you learn in the humanities.

Bringing Health Education to the Hispanic Community

Rhode Island College Impact

Her bilingualism was crucial in being able to connect with the Latino community

Meet Our B.P.S. Students: Her Path to a Bachelor's Degree Came Unexpectedly

Rhode Island College Impact

The next chapter in Ruth Soares’ story has yet to be written but she believes the BPS program is a link to her future.

Prices are Rising While Wages are Stagnating: Inflation Explained

No matter where you go, people are talking about rising costs. What is inflation and how did we get here? Hear it from an expert – RIC Assistant Professor of Economics Ignacio Ramirez Cisneros.

What’s Better Than Reading About History? Digging it Up Yourself

Rhode Island College Impact

Immersive Experiences in Education: Aidan Mooney ’22 rounded out their history major by joining an archaeological dig.