The Financial Pressure is Off for Hope Scholar Jacqueline Carroll

Headshot of Hope Scholar Jacqueline Carroll

“It almost feels too good to be true,” says Carroll.

Hope Scholar Jacqueline Carroll Reflects on How This Scholarship Has Impacted Her:

“I’m technically an independent student, which means I don’t have any parents listed on my FAFSA. That’s because I grew up in the foster care system. As an independent student, financial aid covered most of my tuition. I paid the rest out of pocket through my part-time job at RISD. With the Hope scholarship, the pressure to pay that balance is off. I’m very grateful. 

“For me, getting this scholarship, which is based on academic standing, is validating. I’ve worked hard and gone through a lot to be here. CCRI has the R.I. Promise program, where you can attend CCRI for up to two years free of tuition and mandatory fees. That’s where my parents wanted me to go. But I wanted to have roots somewhere. That’s why I chose RIC, and it’s paid off.”

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