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Inspired by real-life events, this gripping drama follows Helen, a woman trapped in a suffocating routine, who yearns for something more. As she navigates a loveless marriage, a demanding job, and societal pressures, Helen's desperation drives her to a shocking act. Machinal delves into the complexities of individuality and autonomy, offering a poignant commentary on the dehumanizing effects of conformity. Machinal is a powerful expressionist drama from the 1920s about the dependent status of women in an increasingly mechanized society, based on the true story of Ruth Snyder.

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Performing Arts

Rhode Island college is home to the region's best performing arts academic programs, encompassing music, theatre and dance. Courses are open to all students, even those pursuing majors outside visual art. 

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Visual Arts

RIC fosters the talents and skills of more than 2,000 students per year, with modernized classrooms and studios.

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Bannister Gallery

The gallery is named for Edward Mitchell Bannister, a notable nineteenth-century Black artist and Providence resident, and aims to present a diverse set of art that ranges from traditional media, like painting and sculpture, to more contemporary formats, including photography, graphic design, and digital media.


Performing and Fine Arts Commission

RIC students may apply to the Performing and Fine Arts Commission for funds to support student-sponsored performing and fine arts events on campus.


A Different Day

Renowned Filmmaker Features RIC Dancers in New Film

"We're protesting in the streets to fight for equal rights. We're shot in the streets because we don't have equal rights. And then we're rioting in the streets to show how angry we are, which only leads to us hurting each other – same old stuff, different day."