Bannister Gallery

Bannister Gallery, September 2021
What We Do

Located in Rhode Island College’s Roberts Hall, the Bannister Gallery presents 7 to 8 exhibitions a year by local, regional and international artists.

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Noon-8 p.m. (when exhibitions are on view)


Victoria Gao


Founded in 1978, Bannister Gallery aims to present a diverse set of art that ranges from traditional media, painting and sculpture, to more contemporary formats, including photography, graphic design and digital media.

The exhibits are selected by the Bannister Gallery Committee, which is made up of the Gallery Director and members of the Art Department Faculty. The Gallery strives to create an inclusive environment for the public with the aim of building relationships within the arts community of Rhode Island.

Exhibits are generally on display for three to four weeks and usually include a lecture by the artist(s) or other related talks and events. Learn how to submit an exhibition proposal.


Recent Acquisitions: Rhode Island College Permanent Artwork Collection

The Rhode Island College Permanent Artwork Collection, which consists of over 500 works of art ranging across mediums, geographic origins, and time periods, predates the 1978 founding of the Bannister Art Gallery. Thanks to generous and significant donations over the last three years, we have been able to strengthen the quality of our permanent collection and to increase the diversity of represented artists and subjects. New artists that are now featured in the collection include Marisol Escobar, Karel Appel, and Keisai Eisen. Visit the gallery from January 19th through February 3rd to see just a glimpse of our permanent collection holdings!