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Bannister Gallery, September 2021
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Located in Rhode Island College’s Roberts Hall, the Bannister Gallery presents 7 to 8 exhibitions a year by local, regional and international artists.

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Monday - Friday
Noon - 8 p.m. (when exhibitions are on view)

Bannister Gallery was dedicated in November 1978 in honor of Edward Mitchell Bannister, a notable nineteenth-century Black artist and Providence resident. The gallery aims to present a diverse set of art that ranges from traditional media, like painting and sculpture, to more contemporary formats, including photography, graphic design, and digital media.

Exhibitions are selected by the Bannister Gallery Committee, which is made up of the Gallery Director and members of the Art Department Faculty. The gallery strives to create an inclusive environment for the public with the aim of building relationships between the arts community of Rhode Island and the larger art world.

Each exhibition is on display for three to four weeks and usually include a public lecture by the artist(s) or other related programs. Learn how to submit an exhibition proposal.


Mediums and Messengers

February 16-March 17, 2023 - Mediums and Messengers, curated by Danni Shen, is a group exhibition of six artists and collectives, Beatrice Glow, He Kunlin, lololol, Yuri Pattison, Tiffany Sia, and Frank WANG Yefeng, which takes a critical and experimental approach to “new media” by drawing out the material, historical, and geopolitical formations that underlie various technological interfaces as well as their aesthetics. By working through modes and platforms such as Fiverr, Google Moon, interstellar travelogue, anti-travelogue, the doom scroll, war and time-keeping technologies, to online Daoist exercises, martial arts, and scriptures, such works examine how information is both shielded and revealed through various forms of production.

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