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Six Grants in Six Years for Biochemistry Professor Jamie Towle-Weicksel

“RI-INBRE has been very good to me in supporting my research,” says Jamie Towle-Weicksel. “I am very thankful.”

Geeking Out on Physical Sciences

You don't have to be a total science geek to appreciate what goes on in the Department of Physical Sciences at Rhode Island College.

Keeping an Ion Physics

"There are few things more beautiful than the core of a nuclear reactor," says RIC Associate Professor of Physical Sciences Benjamin Young.

From the Science Lab to Global Business: A RIC Alum’s Story

Rhode Island College Impact

Since graduating from RIC in ’05 with degrees in chemistry and computer science, Jide Okandeji earned a Ph.D. at Brown, became a lab chemist, filed four patents and is now managing products used in life-changing research and clinical diagnostics.

Alumna Teaches Physics and Self-Value to Highschoolers

Between her parents, who never limited what she could do based on gender, and her high school track coaches, who saw her innate leadership ability, Cante developed a strong sense of self. Today, she passes it on.

40 Days at Sea: RIC Alum’s Field Study

There was no wind, only an eerie calm. Sea ice floated alongside the 274-foot vessel in 0 degree temperature. On deck, a cadre of research scientists from around the world huddled in parkas in a silent, collective state of awe.

RIC Alum is a Patent Attorney, But Remains a Scientist at Heart

Rhode Island College Impact

"I love Rhode Island College. There's not many schools like it," says Richmond. "The big universities tend to focus a lot on faculty research and getting articles published. Oftentimes teaching becomes secondary. At Rhode Island College I received personal, individualized attention that you just don't get at a large university."

Ambassador for Ocean Science – Alumnus Christopher Reddy

Christopher Reddy collects oil leaking from the USS Arizona, which was destroyed during the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 in Oahu, Hawaii. (In the background, the USS Arizona Memorial straddles the sunken vessel.)

They’ve Got the Bug: Bio Lab Research at RIC

At RIC, research students aren't worker bees, they're collaborators.

Swimming in Genes: Bio Lab Research at RIC

Morning is feeding time in the lab of Assistant Professor Larissa Patterson.