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Anna Cano-Morales is “a Pioneer” for Latinx Women with Political Aspirations in Rhode Island 

“Never be apologetic about being a woman or having an accent or your educational trajectory. Be proud of it.” -Anna Cano-Morales

Alumna Sarah Cote Works to Heal a Community

This year’s national theme for Women’s History Month is “Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope.” Social worker Sarah Cote ’18 exemplifies that maxim in her work with Cranston residents.

Arts Grad Finds Success On a Path She Never Knew Existed

Rhode Island College Impact

"No matter what your field is, you have to have a deep trust in yourself." -Tracey Woods

Admissions Helps International Transfers Bridge the Gap Towards Graduation

Rhode Island College Impact

Students coming from abroad must navigate more than just transfer credits; the Office of Admissions is there to help.

A Third-Generation Latina Finds Connection through Language

Rhode Island College Impact

"Through the program I was able to find my voice and discover my passion for helping others.”

Trilingual Alumna is One in a Billion

Rhode Island College Impact

Being multilingual in today’s world opens many doors and brings many more opportunities

Community and Public Health Program Serves a Need in Rhode Island and Beyond

Rhode Island College Impact

Rhode Island College is working hard to fill the gaps in health literacy and overcome language barriers in the state.

GenCyber Camp at RIC Empowers Next Generation of Techies

Rhode Island College Impact

These computer science majors are prepared to take on the IT world and to teach high schoolers the ropes.

Four Years After Graduation, RIC Alum Lands Dream Job

After graduating with a degree in healthcare administration, Jon Macomber is working as an analyst at the nation's top health protection agency.

Working Behind the Scenes to Help Others Overcome

Rhode Island College Impact

The programs at the hub are aimed at people who graduate from high school but, for one reason or another, are unable to pursue a four-year degree.