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Working with Individuals in Crisis: Alumna Alicia Ead

Alicia Ead is a busy professional. Her specialties are twofold: autism education and working with high-risk, crisis-level psychiatric patients.

First-Gen Grad Leans on Supports and into Opportunities on Path to Success

Rhode Island College Impact

Pauline managed to find help in some of the unique supports RIC provides, like Learning for Life and Project ExCEL

RIC School of Social Work Receives $1M-Plus Grant to Fund School-Based Mental Health Interventions

Rhode Island College Impact

“Having social work students placed within the school system and having school-based staff trained in trauma-informed practice will enhance the ability of the school system to assess and intervene on behalf of students.”

Class of 2021: RIC Social Work Grads Help Trace the Pandemic's Curve

As contact tracers, this trio of pending Rhode Island College graduates were part of an 18-person School of Social Work team that assisted thousands of vulnerable people caught in the wave of COVID-19.

A Legacy of Social Justice

Rhode Island College Impact

For the past 40 years, the School of Social Work has dedicated itself to social justice.

News Brief: A Seminal Work by Prof. Frederic Reamer

In this book, Reamer tackles the effect on social workers of witnessing unsafe, incompetent and unethical behavior.

Hugh Minor Turns to Nonprofit Work to Satisfy a Hunger to Help

Rhode Island College Impact

Minor is communication director for the Rhode Island Community Food Bank

Prof. of Social Work Leads Passage of ‘Equal Parentage’ Act

Rhode Island College Impact

Through the advocacy of Associate Professor of Social Work Wendy Becker, R.I.'s new law recognizes the legal rights of ALL parents, regardless of their sexual orientation, marital status or gender.

AI and VR are Transforming Social Work Education at RIC

Grant-funded research allows future social workers to assess clients using artificial intelligence and virtual reality environments.

RIC Responds to Shortage of Mental Health Professionals in R.I.

Rhode Island College Impact

Providence County designated a professional mental health shortage area. Grant-funded projects by RIC's School of Social Work focus on mental health workforce development.