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Alumni Help End Stigma around Mental Health

Multilingual mental health therapists Estrellita Moronta and Jessica Toucinho are dedicated to changing attitudes in the Latinx and Portuguese communities around mental health.

Discrimination is a Health Concern, say RIC Faculty

The daily stress of being marginalized can have powerful impacts on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Class of 2021: Graduate Student Finds Herself at Home (Again) at RIC

Rhode Island College Impact

“I connected with Upward Bound through my high school guidance counselor. For me, that program was essential in my growth as a young professional.”

Class of 2021: An Immigrant Student Navigates Her World, the Health Care System

Nour Abaherah's family came from Palestine for a better life. Now she will work to better the lives of others through health care.

RIC Student Veteran Fills Vital Role in State's Vaccine Distribution

Nicole McKay works behind the scenes to deliver COVID-19 vaccines to the Rhode Island community.

A Doctor With Her Finger on the Pulse of Her Community

RIC Alumna Dr. Carla Moreira is a surgeon at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, and she is leading research on eliminating health disparities among marginalized groups.

Community and Public Health Professionals Working Towards Changing the World

Rhode Island College Impact

“I am very fortunate for my time at RIC. It definitely helped mold me into the person I am today.”

Community Health Centers Provide a Lifeline for the Hispanic Community

Rhode Island College Impact

CEHC emphasizes culturally and linguistically appropriate care, focusing on prevention and health maintenance.

Misinformation in a Time of Pandemic

Information is power, particularly in a time of pandemic. People make decisions based on the information they're given and that information can either promote their health or be potentially harmful.