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New Interagency Program is Helping Social Workers Become Licensed Clinicians

Rhode Island College Impact

Here are some of the faces of R.I.’s future social work clinicians earning their M.S.W. degree at Rhode Island College.

Bringing Health Education to the Hispanic Community

Rhode Island College Impact

Her bilingualism was crucial in being able to connect with the Latino community

Interpreting Programs at RIC Reduce Health Gaps by Closing Language Gaps

Rhode Island College Impact

RIC is creating new interpreting programs to help bridge language gaps.

Alumni Help End Stigma around Mental Health

Multilingual mental health therapists Estrellita Moronta and Jessica Toucinho are dedicated to changing attitudes in the Latinx and Portuguese communities around mental health.

A Doctor With Her Finger on the Pulse of Her Community

Surgeon Dr. Moreira ’03 is leading the research at Brown’s medical school on health disparities among marginalized groups.

Students and Faculty Address Colorism Across Diverse Communities, Part 2: The Effects of Colorism

In both Latin America and India, there is a common misperception that lighter skinned people belong to upper classes, while darker skinned people are seen as lower class.

Students and Faculty Address Colorism Across Diverse Communities, Part 1: What is Colorism?

Here in the United States, colorism is a topic that concerns many racial or ethnic communities, especially those that encompass a variety of skin colors.

Community and Public Health Professionals Working Towards Changing the World

Rhode Island College Impact

“I am very fortunate for my time at RIC. It definitely helped mold me into the person I am today.”

Community Health Centers Provide a Lifeline for the Hispanic Community

Rhode Island College Impact

CEHC emphasizes culturally and linguistically appropriate care, focusing on prevention and health maintenance.