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Rhode Island College Becomes First Institution of Higher Education in RI to Earn Hispanic Serving Institution Status

Rhode Island College Impact

Federal designation unlocks opportunities to earn capacity building grants that strengthen the college’s ability to serve all populations.

"I am Providence students through and through. I am from the community."

Rhode Island College Impact

An Alumni Q&A with Javier Montañez, M.Ed. ’03, Superintendent of Providence Public Schools

Anna Cano-Morales is “a Pioneer” for Latinx Women with Political Aspirations in Rhode Island 

“Never be apologetic about being a woman or having an accent or your educational trajectory. Be proud of it.” -Anna Cano-Morales

Admissions Helps International Transfers Bridge the Gap Towards Graduation

Rhode Island College Impact

Students coming from abroad must navigate more than just transfer credits; the Office of Admissions is there to help.

RIC First Year Seminar Takes Students on a Walk Through Local Latinx History

Rhode Island College Impact

A walking tour offers perspectives on Latinx communities in Providence, using Broad Street as the pathway.

Exploring the term “Latinx”

LatinX is a gender-neutral neologism, sometimes used to refer to people of Latin American cultural or ethnic identity in the United States.

Bilingualism: A Comforting Skill to Help Latinx Patients

Rhode Island College Impact

In this time of pandemic, it is important to stay protected, every person needs to become more conscious about their health overall.