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Grad Degree Lifts Her From Low-Wage Earner to High-Paid Professional

Rhode Island College Impact

Upon completion of this unique M.S.W. program, Silvia Adames will become a fully licensed behavioral health counselor.

The Q&A: Is Group Conformity Dividing Us? Prof. of Psych Gives His Opinion

Rhode Island College Impact

RIC Professor of Psychology David Sugarman is known for challenging the thinking of his students. When asked about the political and social divide in our country, he explained the social psychology behind it.

New Interagency Program is Helping Social Workers Become Licensed Clinicians

Rhode Island College Impact

Here are some of the faces of R.I.’s future social work clinicians earning their M.S.W. degree at Rhode Island College.

Awardees of MHARI’s First Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Scholarship

Rhode Island College Impact

RIC students are helping to diversify the field of mental health in Rhode Island.

Bringing Health Education to the Hispanic Community

Her bilingualism was crucial in being able to connect with the Latino community

Working with Individuals in Crisis: Alumna Alicia Ead

Alicia Ead is a busy professional. Her specialties are twofold: autism education and working with high-risk, crisis-level psychiatric patients.

Alumni Help End Stigma around Mental Health

Multilingual mental health therapists Estrellita Moronta and Jessica Toucinho are dedicated to changing attitudes in the Latinx and Portuguese communities around mental health.

AI and VR are Transforming Social Work Education at RIC

Grant-funded research allows future social workers to assess clients using artificial intelligence and virtual reality environments.

MEET OUR GRADUATES: A Grassroots Activist in the R.I. Recovery Community

“After all these years, I’m still on fire about recovery,”​ says Roxxanne Newman

Discrimination Does More Than Divide People

Psychology professor researches the effects of microaggressions on people of color.