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Admissions Helps International Transfers Bridge the Gap Towards Graduation

Rhode Island College Impact

Students coming from abroad must navigate more than just transfer credits; the Office of Admissions is there to help.

RIC First Year Seminar Takes Students on a Walk Through Local Latinx History

Rhode Island College Impact

A walking tour offers perspectives on Latinx communities in Providence, using Broad Street as the pathway.

School of Nursing Takes on a (Simulated) Disaster

Rhode Island College Impact

Disaster simulation exercises don't just make nursing students better prepared for crisis – they make the state better prepared, too.

Community and Public Health Program Serves a Need in Rhode Island and Beyond

Rhode Island College Impact

Rhode Island College is working hard to fill the gaps in health literacy and overcome language barriers in the state.

New Scholarship a “Game-Changer” for Medical Imaging Students

Rhode Island College Impact

This first-of-its-kind scholarship is an investment from RIMI in the future of RIC students and its emerging workforce.

Geeking Out on Physical Sciences

You don't have to be a total science geek to appreciate what goes on in the Department of Physical Sciences at Rhode Island College.

“Black Lives Matter” Course Relaunched at RIC

Rhode Island College Impact

"RIC's Africana Studies Program gave me the foundation and the inspiration to continue to love, to study and to struggle," says Charina Herrera '20.

Keeping an Ion Physics

"There are few things more beautiful than the core of a nuclear reactor," says RIC Associate Professor of Physical Sciences Benjamin Young.

Renowned Filmmaker Features RIC Dancers in New Film

"We're protesting in the streets to fight for equal rights. We're shot in the streets because we don't have equal rights. And then we're rioting in the streets to show how angry we are, which only leads to us hurting each other – same old stuff, different day."

Sebastian Borgia Has Deep Roots in the Environment

He intends to join the student-run Environmental Club and get involved with the Bee Education Center.