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Sebastian Borgia Has Deep Roots in the Environment

He intends to join the student-run Environmental Club and get involved with the Bee Education Center.

RIC Computer Departments Join Forces

There's a new academic department on campus, yet in some ways not so new.

Empathy Drives RIC’s Transition to Online ESL Instruction

Rhode Island College Impact

The transition to remote classes has been challenging for advanced ESL students Pamela Del Carmen Cabrera-Vasquez and Romina Vaccarezza.

AI and VR are Transforming Social Work Education at RIC

Grant-funded research allows future social workers to assess clients using artificial intelligence and virtual reality environments.

New Minor Prepares R.I.’s Workforce for Jobs in Cybersecurity

Given the danger of cyberattacks, skilled workers whose job it is to protect networks, devices, programs and data are at a premium, says RIC Assistant Professor of Computer Science Suzanne Mello-Stark.

Student Advocacy Spurs New Queer Studies Minor

"Continue the revolution," urges Derek Sherlock, "that people like Marsha Johnson and Sylvia Rivera started in the queer community 50 years ago." (From left, Madeleine Dulude, Derek Sherlock and Sissy Rosso)

RIC’s New Dean of Education, Jeannine Dingus-Eason

Rhode Island College Impact

Like many of the students at Rhode Island College, Dingus-Eason is a first-generation college graduate who firmly believes that higher education opens doors of opportunities.

SBIRT in Action – Opening Up Conversations on Substance Use

Rhode Island College nursing student Meaghan Whittum discusses patient with her health-care team.

They’ve Got the Bug: Bio Lab Research at RIC

At RIC, research students aren't worker bees, they're collaborators.

Swimming in Genes: Bio Lab Research at RIC

Morning is feeding time in the lab of Assistant Professor Larissa Patterson.