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MEET OUR GRADUATES: Yang Finds Success on the Field and in the Lab

“The biggest lesson that RIC has taught me is that no matter where you are, where you start from, you can still succeed and be great,” says Chelsea Yang, an accomplished athlete and promising biology researcher.

New Scholarship a “Game-Changer” for Medical Imaging Students

Rhode Island College Impact

This first-of-its-kind scholarship is an investment from RIMI in the future of RIC students and its emerging workforce.

Virtual Fish Lab 

Rhode Island College Impact

Research in Maia’s lab has focused on fish biomechanics since the summer of 2018.

$251K Champlin Grant Funds 2 Bio Labs & Equipment

This grant will provide upgraded lab space and equipment for teaching and learning.

They’ve Got the Bug: Bio Lab Research at RIC

At RIC, research students aren't worker bees, they're collaborators.

Swimming in Genes: Bio Lab Research at RIC

Morning is feeding time in the lab of Assistant Professor Larissa Patterson.

Earth Beat: Bio Lab Research at RIC

"This research opened my eyes to how much I love biology and specifically ecology.”

Close Relations: Bio Lab Research at RIC

If you work in a lab long enough, a lot of strange things start to look human. 

Invasion of the Tau Mutants: Bio Lab Research at RIC

You’re not going to believe what biology students and their faculty mentors are cooking up in the lab these days ... Try mutant proteins.


In a First Year Seminar, RIC freshmen discover the fascinating life of sharks.