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The In-Between World – The Art of Magda Léon, RIC Alumna

“In America, we talk about the American Dream, but the American Dream is very expensive for immigrants. There’s a personal price we pay to come here,” says Léon.

Beat the Streets Providence for Young Wrestlers is Led by RIC Alumnus

Silas Murray is intent on empowering youth the way he was empowered — through sports

Faculty Members Tommy Ender and Leila Rosa Awarded North Star Collective Faculty Fellowship

This new fellowship is designed to support the professional development of faculty who are Black, Indigenous and People of Color.

Between School and Work, the Struggle is Real for Adult Students

Once a week, Avi David goes from teaching in a high school to sitting in a college classroom with students fresh out of high school.

Six Grants in Six Years for Biochemistry Professor Jamie Towle-Weicksel

“RI-INBRE has been very good to me in supporting my research,” says Jamie Towle-Weicksel. “I am very thankful.”

The Military Resource Center’s Dream Team – Micaela Black and Lisa Levasseur

“I love my job,” says Micaela Black (left), Vetsuccess coordinator. “I feel like I’m giving back and truly saying to veterans, ‘Thank you for your service. What can I do to help you?’”

Wounded Warrior Finds Healing through Recreational Therapy

During a routine health screening, Sgt. First Class Amanda Weber was diagnosed with multiple traumatic brain injuries. After serving for 14 years in the Army, she was told she would have to retire. But the Army had been her life.

Crossing the Divide Between Military & Civilian Life, RIC Student Alex Ortiz

“Most of our population walk around very much unaware of what veterans have experienced and what it means to transition back from deployment. It’s important to inform and educate the general public.” — Micaela Black, VetSuccess on Campus

Award-Winning Producer & Alumna Profiles Actor Behind Vampire Cape

In the soap opera “Dark Shadows,” Jonathan Frid played a 175-year-old vampire unintentionally released from his chained coffin.

Meet Our Transfer Students: Geri-Leigh Norrell

She’s always had a hunger to make something of her life.