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WANTED: Half a Million Graduates in Cybersecurity

A Q&A with Associate Professor of Computer Science Suzanne Mello-Stark on the need to develop our cybersecurity workforce

Becoming a Hispanic Serving Institution

Rhode Island College Impact

RIC is the first college in the state to earn this federal designation, which opens new opportunities for students.

Unseen Barriers to Inclusion

Making campus a welcoming space for all is as much about removing obstacles as it is about providing resources.

Exit Interview: RIC’s 10th President Looks Back on His Six Years in Office

Outgoing President Frank D. Sánchez reflects on his time in office and weighs in on questions of RIC’s future.

RIC Produces Doctors, Too

Rhode Island College Impact

Alumni retrace their journey on the road to medical practice. (Pictured, dental student Romeo Ghraieb ’20)

Sarah Ebirim, Future M.D., and Alumna Dr. Moreira, Her Mentor

“I like to go into inner-city schools to talk to children and demystify the idea of who can be a doctor,” says Dr. Moreira ’03 (left of photo) (Sarah Ebirim ’22, right)

Rhode Island College Cooperative Preschool Helps Children and Parents Thrive

Rhode Island College Impact

It is the only preschool in Rhode Island offered on a college campus exclusively for members of its college community – and at such a low fee.

Be Bold and Discover What’s New at Rhode Island College

Rhode Island College Impact

RIC alum and “Rhode Show” Co-host Brendan Kirby recently returned to campus to chat with Interim President Dr. Jack Warner.

Meet Our BPS Students: CNA Aims to Advance Her Career by Finishing Degree

Kieshana Dawkins is a member of the Bachelor of Professional Studies' "alpha cohort".

Dispelling the Myth of the Asian American Model Minority

“The problem with stereotypes is not that they're untrue, it’s that they’re incomplete. They make one story become the only story.” – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie