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Douglas Alexander – First Director of Institute for Cybersecurity & Emerging Technologies at RIC

Alexander brings more than three decades of experience in a variety of information technology and teaching roles.

Adult Learners Receive Free IT Training at RIC Workforce Hub

“The goal is to inspire them to continue their IT education and/or pursue employment in the IT industry,” says Professor Bain.

With Launch of New Institute, RIC is Poised to Become Leader in Cybersecurity

CISA Director Jen Easterly discusses the nation’s vital need for cybersecurity with former U.S. Rep. Langevin at his institute’s launch.

The Q&A: Jonathan Duran ’20 Takes You Inside His CyberCorps® Scholarship Experience

If you’re a computer science or cybersecurity major, you’re going to want to hear this.

U.S. Gov’t. Offering Tuition-Free Graduate Degree in Cybersecurity

CyberCorps®: Scholarship for Service was created by the federal government to increase homeland security.

Brand New B.S. Degree in Cybersecurity @ RIC

Did you know cybersecurity experts are in demand across the country? With a cybersecurity degree, you will become uniquely qualified to serve the security needs of businesses, government and other agencies that make up the nation’s infrastructure.

RIC Prepares High School Students for Tech Career Paths

If you are a high school student interested in studying computer science and/or cybersecurity, RIC offers a FREE GenCyber Camp as well as intro courses in the tech field that you can count for college credit.

Governor McKee, Congressman Langevin, RIC President Warner Announce Proposal for Institute for Cybersecurity & Emerging Technologies at Rhode Island College

Rhode Island College Impact

The institute will be a national destination for students and faculty to advance the field, emphasizing the workforce for cybersecurity professionals

WANTED: More Than Half a Million Graduates in Cybersecurity

A Q&A with Associate Professor of Computer Science Suzanne Mello-Stark on the need to develop our cybersecurity workforce

Of Color and Female – A Rare Commodity in the Tech Field

Despite the high demand for computer science and cybersecurity degree-holders, both fields remain predominantly white and male in the United States. RIC alum, like Naomi Ruiz, are changing that.