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The Q&A: Is Group Conformity Dividing Us? Prof. of Psych Gives His Opinion

Rhode Island College Impact

RIC Professor of Psychology David Sugarman is known for challenging the thinking of his students. When asked about the political and social divide in our country, he explained the social psychology behind it.

Prices are Rising While Wages are Stagnating: Inflation Explained

No matter where you go, people are talking about rising costs. What is inflation and how did we get here? Hear it from an expert – RIC Assistant Professor of Economics Ignacio Ramirez Cisneros.

WANTED: Half a Million Graduates in Cybersecurity

A Q&A with Associate Professor of Computer Science Suzanne Mello-Stark on the need to develop our cybersecurity workforce

Exit Interview: RIC’s 10th President Looks Back on His Six Years in Office

Outgoing President Frank D. Sánchez reflects on his time in office and weighs in on questions of RIC’s future.

"I am Providence students through and through. I am from the community."

Rhode Island College Impact

An Alumni Q&A with Javier Montañez, M.Ed. ’03, Superintendent of Providence Public Schools