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Looks Like We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

While many struggle with Zoom fatigue, four professors are fostering a deeper appreciation for remote learning.

Keeping an Ion Physics

"There are few things more beautiful than the core of a nuclear reactor," says RIC Associate Professor of Physical Sciences Benjamin Young.

News Brief: A Seminal Work by Prof. Frederic Reamer

In this book, Reamer tackles the effect on social workers of witnessing unsafe, incompetent and unethical behavior.

News Brief: Professor’s Research Results in Article, Multimedia Project and Podcast

Communication professor Brian Knoth demonstrates that there are many ways to tell a story.

Q&A with Founding Director of RIC’s New Education Policy Institute

Rhode Island College Impact

Last year, the State of Rhode Island assumed control of Providence public schools after decades of low performance. As policy decisions get underway, the expertise of Adrienne Goss has been tapped by community leaders and organizers.  

News Brief: Professor Richard Weiner Publishes New Book

This book is "an empirically grounded call for us to look way beyond capitalism to create a better present and future."

40 Days at Sea: RIC Alum’s Field Study

There was no wind, only an eerie calm. Sea ice floated alongside the 274-foot vessel in 0 degree temperature. On deck, a cadre of research scientists from around the world huddled in parkas in a silent, collective state of awe.