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Another Big Winner in the Midterms: RIC Political Communication Students

Rhode Island College Impact

RIC students are learning the ins and outs of politics, from rhetorical strategy to stagecraft and image making. RIC senior Mistura Ottun (pictured right) shares her thoughts during a class discussion.

Giroux is RIC’s New Connection to the Corporate World

Rhode Island College Impact

Giroux's new position “raises the portfolio of this critical work,” says RIC Interim President Jack Warner.

Bringing Health Education to the Hispanic Community

Rhode Island College Impact

Her bilingualism was crucial in being able to connect with the Latino community

From Liberia’s Civil War to the Frontlines of Poverty in RI: Weayonnoh Nelson-Davies Elevates Her Voice

Rhode Island College Impact

At the age of 12, Weayonnoh Nelson-Davies already knew what it meant to speak up and be heard.

Interpreting Programs at RIC Reduce Health Gaps by Closing Language Gaps

Rhode Island College Impact

RIC is creating new interpreting programs to help bridge language gaps.

Political Legacies Inspiring the Next Generation of RIC Graduates

From top left: Sabina Matos, Susan McKee, Karen Alzate, Jessica Vega, Hillary Lima and Lammis Vargas. From bottom left: Suzy Alba, Leonela Feliz, John Lombardi, Maryellen Goodwin, Jim Langevin and Brandon Potter.

Anna Cano-Morales is “a Pioneer” for Latinx Women with Political Aspirations in Rhode Island 

“Never be apologetic about being a woman or having an accent or your educational trajectory. Be proud of it.” -Anna Cano-Morales

In Remarks to U.S. House Committee, RIC Prof. Proposes Abolishing Credit Scoring

“Why is our economy built on taking loans and taking on debt to meet basic human needs?” asks RIC Associate Professor Tamara Nopper.

RIC Prof. is Editor of New York Times Bestseller on Abolition Politics

“Abolition politics is about finding solutions to social problems other than carceral or criminal punishment,” explains Associate Professor Tamara Nopper.

Alumnus Promotes the Bold Heritage of Rhode Island Black Women

Rhode Island College Impact

“Black women have for centuries risen against the challenges of systemic racism and gender oppression. They are ‘women who dared,’” says Vice President Kimberly Dumpson.