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Nursing Across Borders: Prof. Kutenplon Founds AIDS Orphan Care

Nursing faculty are reaching outside the community to help global communities.

Nursing Across Borders: RIC Faculty Member Creates Clinic in Remote Haitian Village

Asst. Prof. Jocelyne de Gouvenain (pictured here) began with a dream for her village that became a global learning experience for nursing students.

Giving Tuesday at RIC

Rhode Island College Impact

Boldly Together…that is how Rhode Island College will continue to impact the lives of our students.

Veteran Leads a COVID-19 Vaccine Effort in Rhode Island

Barrett devised a system to document the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine at three sites statewide.

Students and Faculty Address Colorism Across Diverse Communities, Part 1: What is Colorism?

Here in the United States, colorism is a topic that concerns many racial or ethnic communities, especially those that encompass a variety of skin colors.

Community and Public Health Professionals Working Towards Changing the World

Rhode Island College Impact

“I am very fortunate for my time at RIC. It definitely helped mold me into the person I am today.”

Community Health Centers Provide a Lifeline for the Hispanic Community

Rhode Island College Impact

CEHC emphasizes culturally and linguistically appropriate care, focusing on prevention and health maintenance.

Prof. of Social Work Leads Passage of ‘Equal Parentage’ Act

Rhode Island College Impact

Through the advocacy of Associate Professor of Social Work Wendy Becker, R.I.'s new law recognizes the legal rights of ALL parents, regardless of their sexual orientation, marital status or gender.

News Brief: A Donation Nursing Couldn't Refuse

Rhode Island College Impact

Like the "Godfather," Lifespan Health System doesn't forget a favor. 

RIC Alums Help Bring City History to Life

Did you know that Annie Smith Peck, a RIC alumna, was a world-famous mountain climber who once scaled the Matterhorn, the highest summit in Europe?