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The Q&A: Prof. Endress Discusses How the Online World of Misinformation Feeds into Political Polarization

Rhode Island College Impact

Endress is helping to counter the political divide in America by teaching her students to distinguish fact from fiction when sourcing their news.

The Q&A: Political Communication Expert, Prof. Endress, Discusses How to Heal the Partisan Divide

TV, radio and print news have long turned to Prof. Endress for political commentary. At RIC, students are lucky enough to get to learn from her in the classroom.

One of the Most Misunderstood Terms of the Century: Critical Race Theory

What is critical race theory and why is it being banned in schools?

Students Be Advised: Everything You Put Online Can and Will Be Used Against You

Here’s how RIC Career Services is helping students clean up their social media accounts in preparation for their job search.

Forum on Gun Violence Searches for Answers

Rhode Island College Impact

Join us at RIC on Nov. 14 for an evening devoted to finding solutions to gun violence. This event is open to the public.

7 Skills Gained from the Humanities

Did you know that employers in many industries are prioritizing applicants with transferable skills found in the humanities?

New Course Helps Humanities Majors Prepare for Professional Careers

“I want humanities students to graduate from RIC with a sense of adventure when they see all the career possibilities before them,” says Associate Professor Brandon Hawk.

What’s the Value in Studying the Humanities?

As jobs become increasingly automated, employers are seeking workers with skills that machines can’t replace – “uniquely human” skills – like the soft skills you learn in the humanities.

Dispelling the Myth of the Asian American Model Minority

“The problem with stereotypes is not that they're untrue, it’s that they’re incomplete. They make one story become the only story.” – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

RIC Students are Encouraged to Use Their Own Voice to Tell Their Own Stories

RIC Writing Center Interim Director Clarissa Walker is empowering young writers in the classroom and through her podcast – “Story Culture Live.”