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RIC Students are Encouraged to Use Their Own Voice to Tell Their Own Stories

RIC Writing Center Interim Director Clarissa Walker is empowering young writers in the classroom and through her podcast – “Story Culture Live.”

Ethnicity vs. Race, Part 2

“Race isn’t that important. Culture is what makes you who you are.” – RIC student, Heidi Salazar Martinez

Ethnicity vs. Race, Part 1

When talking about race and ethnicity, there are certain characteristics that can help people understand the differences.

Creating a Safe Space to Talk about Race

During their 14 weeks in her course, Bousseau hopes students grow from "terrified" to comfortable speaking about race.

What is Cultural Competence & Why is it Critical for RIC's School of Nursing?

Lack of cultural competence interferes with the quality of care patients of color and non-English-speaking patients receive, says alumna Valerie Almeida-Monroe, director of clinical services at Clinica Esperanza.

Exploring the term “Latinx”

LatinX is a gender-neutral neologism, sometimes used to refer to people of Latin American cultural or ethnic identity in the United States.

Students and Faculty Address Colorism Across Diverse Communities, Part 2: The Effects of Colorism

In both Latin America and India, there is a common misperception that lighter skinned people belong to upper classes, while darker skinned people are seen as lower class.

Pandemic Exposes Long-Standing Problems in Nursing Homes

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has given us a real opportunity to re-think nursing homes and to transform long-term care, says Catherine Taylor, executive director of Age-Friendly Rhode Island.

Age-Friendly R.I. Promotes Keys to Longevity

Conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age contribute to longevity, says Catherine Taylor, executive director of Age-Friendly Rhode Island.