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Mother-Son Duo Working Toward Education Degrees Together

Rhode Island College Impact

Catherine and William Reyes hope to influence future generations through teaching.

Meet Our B.P.S. Students: CNA Aims to Advance Her Career by Finishing Degree

Kieshana Dawkins is a member of the Bachelor of Professional Studies' "alpha cohort".

Rhode Island College Police Earns State Accreditation

By following best practices in management, administration, operations and support services, Rhode Island College police is officially one of 30-plus accredited police agencies in Rhode Island.

Class of 2021: An Orientation to Graduation Love Story

Rhode Island College Impact

Ananya Jantawan and Jeffery Kinnie met during freshmen orientation. As college careers come to an end, their love story continues.

Class of 2021: After Long Journey, Shaw Reaches Graduation Milestone

Randall Shaw has persevered and earned his degree after initially matriculating at Rhode Island College more than a decade ago.

RIC School of Nursing Accepts the Nurses Climate Challenge

Rhode Island College Impact

“Nurses need to have a voice. They can see the impact in the human body of the decisions that are being made at the policy level."

Hear the Voices of Women Leading from the Top: Part III

Rhode Island College Impact

"I think it is critical that our students see us in leadership positions so that they know it is possible for them." — Alema Karim

Hear the Voices of Women Leading from the Top: Part II

"I think the worst thing you can do and the best thing you can do is tell a woman 'no.'" – Tamika Wordlow

Hear the Voices of Women Leading from the Top: Part I

Rhode Island College Impact

Women across the country are speaking truth to power from positions of power. In this three-part series, 12 women leaders at RIC discuss what it means for them to have a seat at the leadership table.

A Conversation with History: RIC’s First Woman Dean

Rhode Island College Impact

Back in 1956 when RIC was still called RICE, tuition was $25 and students were predominantly Irish Catholic women studying to be teachers, Dorothy Pieniadz was hired as the first dean of students. It was a time when gender, race and other diversity issues were being questioned.