Departments with Specialized or Alternative EEP Requirements

Most departments follow the standard EEP requirement for an earned master’s in the field plus three years of teaching, though some may consider alternative requirements. The departments listed below have more specific or alternative educational requirements which may allow acceptance into the EEP.

Please Note: Contact the EEP if you have any questions about eligibility.

Specific Requirements by Department

  • Accounting & CIS: A minimum of five years of work experience in the field may be substituted for the master’s with approval from the Accounting and CIS liaison.
  • Anthropology: MA in anthropology or 30 hours of advanced training; classroom observation before approval; sample exams and other assessment instruments.
  • Biology: BA or BS in life sciences and MA in science OR education.
  • Chemistry: BA or BS and master’s in chemistry; exceptions evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Economics/Finance: MA in social science or business discipline for economics. Master’s degree in social science or MBA for finance. All current teachers/courses grandfathered. New ECON 214 & 215 courses are required to use AP package or approved equivalent.
  • English: MA in English (beginning 2024)
  • History: MA in history; will consider MAT in history on an individual basis.
  • Mathematics: MA in mathematics (for MATH 240).
  • Modern Languages: Master’s in language area or 15 graduate credits in the language. Final exam to be submitted along with syllabus.
  • Music: Teaching certification, master’s degree preferred; interview with Music faculty liaison.
  • Political Science: POL 200: MA in political science; POL 202: MA in political science or MA in American history; POL 204: MA in political science or MA in intellectual history.
  • Psychology: Master’s in psychology or school counseling.
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