Committee on General Education

Monthly Meetings

COGE Executive Committee meeting: 9-10 am on Zoom on the first Friday of the month.

COGE Full Committee meeting: 9-10 am on Zoom on the third Friday of the month.  Campus members are welcome to join the full committee meetings using the following link

Meeting Link:

Course proposal submission timing: Faculty members are encouraged to submit new Gen Ed course proposals ahead of the Executive Committee meetings to ensure timely vetting and feedback. Proposals should be forwarded to

COGE Members

  • S. Basu, (chair) School of Business (2023-2025)
  • R. Quintana-Vallejo Literature (2023-2025)
  • E. Miller, History (2022-2024)
  • J. Harrison, Social and Behavioral Sciences (2023-2025)
  • S. Picard, Arts—Visual and Performing (2023-2025)
  • S. Costa, Mathematics (2022-2024)
  • K. Almeida, Natural Science (2022-2024)
  • J. Fearon-Lynch, Nursing (2022-2024)
  • J. Capece, BSW (2023-2025)
  • R. Krauss II, Education (2022-2024)
  • Open, student representative (2023-2024)
  • C. Masters, Interim Provost/VPAA ex officio (or designee)
  • Q. Hughes, Dean, Dean FAS ex officio (or designee)
  • J. Dagle, Associate Dean FAS ex officio 
  • L. Schuster, FYS Coordinator ex officio
  • S. Oliveira, Modern Languages (2022-2024)
  • B. Caouette, First Year Writing ex officio (or designee)
  • D. Gill, Adams Library (2023-2025)

COGE Meeting Minutes