The Art Department Mission

interior image of people looking at an art exhibit

The Art Department leverages its significant resources toward forming a serious arts environment that has depth and diversity. The range of talent in its faculty and its significant facilities compel the department to foster in its students a great affection and respect for the arts. Serving the needs of a diverse college community, the Art Department is intent on offering several degree options and providing professional training in the areas of studio art, art history, art education and liberal arts in foundations of art. The curriculum prepares students for careers in various art professional fields, graduate study, the liberal arts and enrichment. Incorporating new technologies, keeping up to date in fields whose technologies are changing, improving/expanding course offerings, maintaining/improving facilities and supporting/equipping faculty and students are the primary tenets of our mission. That our art education program is preparing the K-12 art teachers of tomorrow imbues our mission with a particular keenness toward setting high student standards and helping students to achieve them.

The department promotes its foundations program and the high caliber of teaching occurring throughout all levels and areas. The rigorous and comprehensive foundations program prepares students for advanced study in all of the art areas. The Art Department attracts renowned faculty who maintain professional standing and involvement within the New England art community and well beyond. The department encourages outstanding teaching and classroom discourse by strongly endorsing the creative research performed by faculty, who in turn work closely with students to stimulate an aesthetic and intellectual climate in both theory and application. The department is dedicated to ensuring and enhancing this condition by providing the best possible environment for the teaching and studying of art and by fostering habits of disciplined inquiry and critical thinking. The department is focused on ensuring academic art excellence, a strong liberal arts foundation and professional preparation.

The department is intent on providing a challenging, rich and safe academic environment, fostering creativity for students and faculty alike. Therefore, the department recognizes the priority of supporting faculty research, student and classroom research, facility upkeep and enhancement, campus participation and community involvement. We present a full program of professional gallery exhibitions through the Bannister Gallery, the Chazan Family Gallery, public lectures, field trips and special events, all designed to contribute to the cultural climate of the college, local community, state and region.
The Art Department at RIC charges itself with preserving its vitality, endorsing academic and artistic excellence, focusing its resources, building cohesion among department areas and expanding its vision.