Ceramics by student Abigail Dandurand

B.A. or B.F.A. in Studio Art with Concentration in Ceramics

The Ceramics concentration challenges students to use clay as an expressive medium and think conceptually about their work while considering historic aspects of the medium.

Different Techniques in Ceramics

In this program all levels of ceramics are covered, from basic hand-building methods to the use of the potter’s wheel and independent study. At the upper level, emphasis is on developing students’ individual concepts alongside greater sensitivity to and experimentation with clay. Classes address both conceptual (sculptural) and functional forms.

What You Will Learn

All students will learn the chemistry of ceramics materials, develop an understanding of clay and glazes, and learn multiple firing techniques, both to advance their own work and for competency in future jobs.

Program Details

The following Rhode Maps list required courses and sample plans of study: 

B. A. in Studio Art with Concentration in Ceramics RhodeMap

B. F. A. in Studio Art with Concentration in Ceramics RhodeMap

Other Concentrations and Program Options

If you don't have an interest in ceramics, the Studio Art B.A. and B.F.A. programs offer many other areas of concentration:

Or, if you are already part of a different degree program, you may opt to minor in studio art:

Information on the Minor in Studio Art