Art Education M.A.

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Our Art Education Program

The M.A. in art education program offers certified art teachers as well as individuals who are not seeking art teacher certification a rich professional development opportunity to further grow as visual arts educators. Your course of study will include art studio, art history and art education courses with leading art faculty, who place emphasis on the complementary relationships between artistic expression, academic inquiry and the teaching of art.


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Program Details

Program/Learning Goals

Upon completion of this program, graduates will have:

  • Strengthened their art knowledge and art-making skills and will have built upon their foundational art understandings and skills acquired in their undergraduate programs.
  • Expanded and deepened their understanding of art education theory and curriculum development. 
  • Enhanced their abilities to research content for art instruction and issues related to art education, develop art curricula and engage in scholarship related to art education. 
  • Strengthened their understanding and skills as visual arts education professionals.
  • Increased their capacities to serve as art education advocates and leaders in the field of art education.
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Program Coordinator

Cheryl Williams

Dr. Cheryl L. Williams

Associate Professor