Historical Studies C.G.S.

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Who Can Participate

The Certificate of Graduate Study (C.G.S.) in historical studies is designed for students who are interested in broadening their historical knowledge.

What to Expect

Our program offers both the flexibility and opportunity to concentrate in a particular area. The C.G.S. program also complements the M.A. in history.

Please Note: Students interested in pursuing the M.A. in history may start with the C.G.S. program and transition into the M.A. program. 

Admission and Course Information

Admission and Course Requirements

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To begin the process you will need to sign up for an account with CollegeNET. Once you have a CollegeNET account, you will be able to log in any time and see your Activity Log which shows you a personalized status page.

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History is a multidimensional field that historians and students have approached in a multitude of ways. At its core, history tackles fundamental questions of human society.