Requesting E-Text and Audio Books


Students, who are registered with the Disability Services Center and who have documented print disabilities or certain mobility impairments, may request their course materials in audio, electronic or other alternative format.

Students must purchase a physical copy of each book (proof of purchase is required) and fill out an E-text and Audio Book Request Form​ for all materials requested in alternative format. Please see "How to request E-text and/or audio books" for more information about this process.

Students must also sign an Agreement on Use of Alternatively Formatted Course Materials, which asks students to

  • allow RIC to release limited "directory" information to publishers or related agencies to facilitate the request for the materials, and
  • agree to NOT share, copy, or reproduce the alternatively formatted materials.

If the requested alternatively formatted course materials are unavailable from the publishers or other resources, the Student may request that RIC convert (via digital scanning) the text to an electronic format for him/her. This requires the Student to:

  • allow RIC to remove and replace the book's binding with the understanding that RIC assumes no responsibility for damage to the book that may occur during this process, and
  • acknowledge that the altered book may or may not be bought back by the RIC (or another) bookstore.

Because it can take more than 2 weeks to receive the requested materials from publishers and/or via the on-campus scanning process, it is in the best interest of the student to make these requests to the Disability Services Center as early as possible.

Therefore, it is recommended that students inquire with instructors about textbook selection before the beginning of the semester.​​​