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RIC 100 is a 1-credit course that you must pass in order to graduate from Rhode Island College. 

Why is RIC 100 Required?

The course is designed to help you navigate RIC specifically, and college in general. Not only will you earn one free college credit that you can use towards your 120 required credits for graduation, but you will forge valuable connections with trusted faculty, staff, and upperclass students who can guide you and advocate for you. 

Your RIC 100 class serves as a place to form community in your first year, especially if you do not live on campus. You can start friendships with people who are, like you, working to survive and succeed during this life-changing first year. Such support networks can make you feel connected, encouraged and confident. 

Topics and Skills Covered

Each section of RIC 100 has a designated instructor and peer mentor. Topics covered during the 50-minute weekly course include:

  • Learning Online
  • Time Management
  • Wellness
  • College Expectations
  • Identifying Learning Styles
  • Financial Literacy 
  • Cultural Competency 
  • Campus Resources

Sections meet on Wednesdays from 12–12:50 pm. (Some evening options are available). 

Open Books-Open Minds Curriculum

Each year the Open Books-Open Minds (OBOM) program facilitates a common book for first-year students to read and engage with. This common book is prominently featured in RIC 100. All first year students are required to read the common book, and you may encounter OBOM-related work in some of your other first-year classes. As a first-year student, you may receive the common book for free during Orientation or in RIC 100. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions not answered here, please contact Dr. Zubeda Jalalzai, Director of RIC 100, at

If you are an incoming first-year student with less than 24 transfer credits, yes, you must take (and pass) RIC 100 in order to graduate. 

If you are a transfer student with 24 or more transfer credits, you do not have to take RIC 100.

RIC 100 is graded S or U (“S” for satisfactory or “U” for unsatisfactory). If you earn an “S” you will get credit for the course and will have satisfied the requirement. 

If you withdraw from RIC 100 or do not receive an “S” grade, you should retake the class the following semester. 

The 1-credit, RIC 100 class is free.

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