Division of Student Success

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What We Do

From the moment students step on campus, our division supports the academic achievement, personal growth and well-being of students inside and outside of the classroom.

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The Division of Student Success facilitates the academic success, personal growth and well-being of all students.

Holistic Success

Student access, excellence and success are at the core of the Division of Student Success.  Every aspect of our work is intended to enable our diverse student populations to achieve at the highest levels. Maintaining a division-wide commitment for our diverse community to ensure academic achievement, personal growth and well-being is highly valued and essential to the success of students.


Student Success Services and Programs

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Student Life at RIC

Rhode Island College aspires to provide a supportive and rigorous educational environment by welcoming a diverse community of students.

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Student Services

From orientation to graduation, we offer programs and services to support your academic achievement every step of the way.


Enrollment Management

We recruit, enroll, transition and connect students to the college and to their future, building communities that foster progress toward degree completion and deep affinity to Rhode Island College.

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