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For Immediate or Imminent Concerns

If a person's conduct is clearly or imminently reckless, disorderly, dangerous, or threatening to self or others, please call 911 or Campus Safety. For a person experiencing a mental health emergency or life-threatening situation, call 911, Campus Safety or go to your local emergency room.

What is the CARE Team?

The CARE Team is a proactive and collaborative approach to early identification, review, and management of students of concern that are in need of support. The team responds to non-emergency situations involving at risk students and works to connect them to essential support services on and/or off campus.

The CARE Team is here to receive and review concerns.

Complete the CARE Team Referral Form

Our Mission

The CARE team serves as a resource to the campus community by providing guidance for faculty and staff regarding how to seek assistance and refer students in need of support. In addition, the team seeks to create a network where the campus community can respond to situations involving students and work to connect them to essential support services on and/or off campus. 

The CARE team aims to promote student wellbeing and success while prioritizing the safety of students and the RIC community.

Frequently Asked Questions

The CARE Team focuses on addressing non-emergency behavioral, mental health, wellness and/or social concerns inside or outside of the classroom. Should your concern involve one of these areas, completing a CARE Team referral is appropriate.  
Should your concern be more academic in nature, submitting a flag in Starfish would be more appropriate.
In the event a student has disclosed sexual harassment or discrimination, filing an incident report with the Office of Institutional Equity would be more appropriate.

Please Note: Rhode Island College employees designated as Campus Security Authorities are required to complete an incident report for disclosures of sexual harassment.

When you have an immediate concern regarding the safety of yourself, a student, or other members of the Rhode Island College Community, please contact Campus Police (available during/after business hours): 401-456-8888 or call 911.

When you would like a direct phone consultation with a Counseling Services provider regarding a student concern, please contact Counseling Services (Monday–Friday, 8:30 am–4:30 pm) at 401-456-8094.

The CARE Team has a CARE Team Referral Form that allows you to express a concern for review.

When making a referral, please have the following information available:

  • your name, department, contact number
  • student name, contact number
  • specific nature of your concern

Once a referral is received, a member of the CARE Team will outreach to the student and begin the process of intervention in a sensitive manner.

It is important to keep in mind a few things:

  • We have various campus representatives on the CARE Team assisting with outreach.
  • Items discussed as part of the CARE Team are protected by the Family Educational Privacy Act (FERPA), and, as such, we are limited regarding what we can discuss.
  • Each case will be on a different resolution timeline.

Therefore, it is likely that you will not receive a follow-up response, but please know that your referral has been taken seriously and responded to.

If your concern is more urgent, please do not complete a CARE Team form. Referrals are read and responded to during normal business hours.  When in doubt, please contact Campus Police at 401-456-8888 and they will contact the most appropriate person for immediate response.

The Counseling Center is always a great resource. They are in Browne Hall and can be reached at 401-456-8055 or counselingcenter@ric.edu.
For non-business hours, the RIC HOPE Line is a 24-hour mental health support service. The number is 401-456-HOPE (4673).
For assistance with things like food and housing insecurity, peer mentorship, connections to outside resources etc., Learning 4 Life is a great overall resource for students. They can be reached at 401-456-6320 or l4linfo@ric.edu.
And as always, the Dean of Students Office is happy to help students with some of their more complex concerns. We can be reached at 401-456-8061 or deanofstudents@ric.edu.

Team Members

  • Dean of Students Office
  • Learning 4 Life
  • Disability Services Center
  • Institutional Equity/Title IX
  • Residential Life and Housing
  • Center for Health and Wellness (Health Services, Counseling Services, Health Promotion, Learning 4 Life, Food 4 Thought Pantry & Lounge)*
  • Campus Safety
  • Office of Advising
  • Legal Counsel (as needed)

* Additionally, the CARE team may extend an invitation to a faculty partner with expertise in the topic being discussed.
* While the Center for Health and Wellness is a confidential resource they attend CARE team meetings to offer general guidance.
* This team meets bi-weekly (or on an as-needed basis) to consult, review, and coordinate outreach for students of concern and in need of support.

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We improve the quality of student life by addressing students’ needs and we work to maintain student safety.

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