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Facilitate access and inclusion for students with disabilities at Rhode Island College

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Rhode Island College's Disability Services Center (DSC)

Who We Are

Qualified students with disabilities at Rhode Island College are entitled to receive reasonable and appropriate accommodations, auxiliary aids, and services that provide equal educational opportunities and facilitate meaningful access.  The Disability Services Center (DSC) is the College’s designated agent for determining eligibility, facilitating access, and coordinating accommodations.

Our Mission

Dedicated to fostering a supportive and inclusive educational environment, the DSC also serves as an educational and advocacy resource for students.  We recognize disability as a form of diversity, promote the inclusion of individuals with disabilities in all aspects of college life, and endeavor to make students aware of the many opportunities and resources available to them at Rhode Island College.


Request Accommodations

DSC provides accommodations and support services to students with disabilities to facilitate full and meaningful participation in all educational opportunities at the College. Students requesting adjustments, modifications, or services related to a disability should register with the DSC to determine eligibility. Students can request and manage their accommodations through our online portal, Accessible Information Management (AIM).

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