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Awardees of MHARI’s First Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Scholarship

Rhode Island College Impact

RIC students are helping to diversify the field of mental health in Rhode Island.

MEET OUR GRADUATES: Assel Sat’s Love of Music is Truly International

“These recognitions make me feel very happy and proud of myself.” — Assel Sat

Project ExCEL Empowers Students to Break through Language Barriers

Rhode Island College Impact

Project ExCEL — Excellence in College for English Learners — supports multilingual and bilingual students by providing academic and nonacademic support.

Class of 2021: Graduate Student Finds Herself at Home (Again) at RIC

Rhode Island College Impact

“I connected with Upward Bound through my high school guidance counselor. For me, that program was essential in my growth as a young professional.”

Class of 2021: Justice Studies Grads Work to Improve Policing

Rhode Island College Impact

Lindsay Tahan, Allison Barry and Kaisha Luciano are putting their justice studies major into action through a series of webinars intended to help train law enforcement officers.

Class of 2021: Language Graduates Prepared to Take on the World

Rhode Island College Impact

These award-winning 2021 graduates will leave behind a lasting legacy on the World Languages Education Program at RIC.

Class of 2021: Computer Science Grad (Re-)Learns in a New Language

Oliver Feliz-Lima refused to let a language barrier become an obstacle to his education.

Class of 2021: A Student-Athlete with a Drive Toward Success

As a graduating senior, student-athlete Sophia Guerrier turned in great performances both on the court and in her professional life.

Class of 2021: RIC Social Work Grads Help Trace the Pandemic's Curve

As contact tracers, this trio of pending Rhode Island College graduates were part of an 18-person School of Social Work team that assisted thousands of vulnerable people caught in the wave of COVID-19.

Class of 2021: Master's Degree Grad to Land at Military's Top Hospital

Jeff has risen through the ranks of the Navy since 2010 and will become a clinical nurse specialist at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center this summer.