A MATTER OF TRUTH: The Struggle for African Heritage & Indigenous People Equal Rights in Providence, Rhode Island (1620-2020)

This work was developed with the Mayor’s African American Ambassador Group, which meets weekly and serves as a direct line of communication between the community and the Administration. What originally began with faith leaders as a means to ensure equitable access to COVID-19-related care and resources has since expanded, stablishing subcommittees focused on recommending strategies to increase equity citywide.

The RIC Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI) aims to advise and support the personal and professional growth and development of our partners of the campus community.

Employees are encouraged to explore the Employee Assistance Program benefits here.

Jewish Holidays Are Coming

What to know about upcoming Jewish holidays and how they affect your colleagues and partners.

  • Over just three weeks, several important Jewish holidays occur. 
  • For observing Jews, typical labor is not allowed on these days. 
  • Jewish holidays begin the evening before the date noted on most calendars because a Jewish “day” starts and ends at sunset, not midnight.
  • Depending on the time of sunset observing Jews may need to end their work day earlier than usual. 

Virtual Library Resources

**The Office of Institutional Equity maintains the following collection of dvds and power point presentations as resources for the College community. 

Please contact the Margaret Lynch-Gadaleta, Director of Institutional Equity ​(456-8387,​) to request and reserve from ​the list​ below.

  • Free Speech Crisis - Protect First Amendment Rights & Students’ Demands to Maintain an Inclusive Community

  • Microaggressions, Equity & Inclusion - Lessen the Racial Divide to Create an Inclusive & Civil Campus Community

  • 5 Strategies to Recruit, Engage & Retain Students Using Technology

  • 5 Innovative Mental Health Intervention Programs - Engage, Support and Retain Your Students at Risk

  • Title IX & the Latest Dear Colleague Letter (March 21, 2017)

  • Dismissal, Suspension & Readmission Policies: Balance ADA, Behavior Threats & Campus Policy

  • Move Beyond Civility: How to Facilitate Difficult Dialogues in the Classroom