Long Term Care C.U.S.

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Understanding Long-Term Care

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Long-term care consists of services designed to assist with a person's health or personal care needs during a period of time, either short or long. These services enable the person to live as independently and safely as possible, when they are at a point in their life when they can no longer accomplish typical, daily activities without assistance. Long-term care can be given in different settings by various caregivers - all in support of the individual's needs.

Why Pursue the Long-Term Care C.U.S.

This Certificate of Undergraduate Study (C.U.S.) course will ensure that students:

  • are acquainted with current long term care laws and regulations applicable in the United States
  • gain and demonstrate familiarity with statues and regulations at the federal and state level that apply to long term care
  • understand how to access and retrieve long term care laws and regulations
  • can apply practical methods and tools for administrators to successfully understand and meet these requirements

More Detailed Learning Outcomes

  • understand the history of long term care legislation in the United States and in Rhode Island and the legislative process for enacting legislation
  • differentiate between the organizational structures within government branches and their respective roles in the formation of long term care rules and regulations
  • understand the federal and state requirements for professionals in nursing homes including staffing requirements
  • understand the components of a patient assessment and comprehensive care plan
  • understand laws and regulations regarding a patient’s rights; understand the role of resident and family councils in a nursing home
  • understand regulations related to patient care ( infection control, medication administration, pain management behavioral health, safe patient handling)
  • understand regulations related to the environment of care ( life safety codes, OSHA, occupational hazards, facility design, emergency preparedness)
  • understanding of the state survey process

Course Requirements

Rhode Island College entrance

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