Reunion Giving

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Making a special gift to Rhode Island College in your reunion year is a way to pay tribute to your RIC memories while affording today’s students the opportunity to make their own.

Give Current Students What RIC Gave to You

Reunions encourage us to pause and reflect on the many formative experiences made possible by RIC. Those years instilled in us core values that have guided our lives ever since. We continue to offer students a learning community that challenges and inspires, and your gifts to RIC strengthen this community.

Why Now?

A robust Giving program helps keep Rhode Island College competitive. Now, more than ever, there is a considerable gap between the college’s resources and aspirations and #GivingToRIC helps bridge this gap. Increased giving from reunion classes can have a great impact on RIC students — right now. As you consider giving a gift to honor your reunion year, think back on how RIC changed your life — alumni support played a big part. Now is a perfect time to pass it on and reinforce the tradition of alumni giving back to the college.


Get Involved in Reunion Planning

Whether it's your 5th or your 50th reunion approaching, sign up to participate in the planning of your celebration.

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The Rhode Island College Foundation is an independent organization dedicated to raising funds solely for the institution. It is the primary source of private support to the college.