Dr. David L. Abrahamson

Department, Office, or School
Department of Mathematical Sciences
  • Professor


B.S. in Mathematics, Harvey Mudd College

Sc.M. in Applied Mathematics, Brown University

Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, Brown University


MATH 139 Contemporary Topics in Math
MATH 177 Quantitative Bus Analysis I
MATH 181 Applied Basic Math
MATH 209 Precalculus Mathematics
MATH 240 Statistical Methods I
MATH 248 Business Statistics I
MATH 411 Calculus IV
MATH 416 Ordinary Differential Equation
MATH 441 Introduction To Probability
MATH 458 History Of Mathematics
MATH 490 Independent Study
MATH 552 Topics in Applied Mathematics
MATH 553 Topics in Pure Mathematics
MATH 200 Discrete Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers
MATH 210 Trigonometry
MATH 212 Calculus I
MATH 213 Calculus II
MATH 238 Quantitative Business Analysis II
MATH 300 Bridge to Advanced Mathematics
MATH 314 Calculus III
MATH 315 Linear Algebra
MATH 512 Foundations of Higher Analysis
MATH 519 Set Theory
MATH 528 Topology

Areas of Interest

Mathematical modeling

Differential equations

Difference equations

Mathematics education

Uses of technology in college mathematics

Probability and statistics, and applications of mathematics to sports and gaming