Dr. Katherine M. Lacasse

Department, Office, or School
Department of Psychology
  • Associate Professor
photo of Katherine Lacasse


Ph.D., Social Psychology, Clark University
M.A., Social Psychology, Clark University
B.A., Psychology, Providence College

Selected Publications

Lacasse, K. (in press). Can’t hurt, might help: Examining the spillover effects from purposefully adopting a new pro-environmental behavior. Environment & Behavior.

Beckage, B., Gross, L., Lacasse, K., Carr, E., Metcalf, S., Winter, J., Howe, P., Fefferman, N., Frank, T., Zia, A., Kinzig, A., & Hoffman, F. (2018).Linking models of human behavior and climate alters projected climate change. Nature Climate Change, 8, 79–84.

Lacasse, K. (2017). Going with your gut: How William James' theory of emotions brings insights to risk perception and decision making research. New Ideas in Psychology, 46, 1-7.

Lacasse, K. (2016). Don't be satisfied, identify! Strengthening positive spillover by connecting pro-environmental behaviors to an "environmentalist" label. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 48, 149-158.

Lacasse, K. (2015). The importance of being green: The influence of green behaviors on Americans' political attitudes toward climate change. Environment & Behavior, 47, 754-781. 

Laird, J. & Lacasse, K. (2014). Bodily influences on emotional feelings: Accumulating evidence and extensions of William James' theory of emotion. Emotion Review, 6, 27-34.

Lacasse, K., & Forster, L. (2012). The war next door: Peace journalism in U.S. local and distant newspapers’ coverage of Mexico. Media, War & Conflict, 5, 223-237.​


Research: Behavior & Attitude Change, Environmental Sustainability, Risk-Perception and Decision-Making, Socio-Environmental Systems, Emotions as Motivators, Intergroup Relations

Teaching: Social Psychology, Research Methods, Introduction to Psychology, Statistics, Internships in Psychology, Psychology of Environmental Issues​