Alumni Mentoring Program

We are pleased to introduce the RIC Career Empowerment Opportunity (CEO) Program, an alumni-driven mentorship program that prepares current RIC students for career success.

Understand the Program

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An Invaluable Relationship

CEO connects students with RIC alumni who are experienced in their fields and offers personal and professional development opportunities that prepare students to be career ready on "day one".

Lisette and Marcy
                 Lisette Bachez '23 and Marcy Reyes '12

RIC alumni share their experiences, networks, and job opportunities with students through: 

  • one-on-one mentor meetings
  • facilitated sessions
  • networking lunches

to help them plan their career path. The benefits are priceless. Students gain access to a regional and national network of industry leaders and a mentor, while developing increased job and social skills that are essential for professional growth.

Frequently Asked Questions about the CEO Program

Absolutely! We recruit mentors who live in and outside of the State of Rhode Island who are virtual participants in the program. Some students actually prefer a virtual mentor.

One year. This year, the program kicks off in the month of February 2023 and ends in February 2024 with a few fun events following the last program session during the months of March and April.

Yes! If you would like to mentor more than one student, please indicate this in the mentor application.

During the interview process, we ask a series of questions to help determine a great match. We understand that many of our applicants would like to be matched with someone they can relate to or identify with, but we also encourage everyone to keep an open mind. Once a match has been determined, both the mentor and mentee will be informed and connected via email.

In order to be accepted into the program, you must be a current sophomore, junior, or senior with a 2.5 GPA or above.

The mentor must meet with their mentee at a minimum of one time per month virtually or in person. The mentor must also attend the mentor orientation, program opening event, final celebration and a few other virtual sessions designed for the mentor's engagement within the program. Mentors are also welcome to attend the program sessions designed for their mentee.

The mentee must meet with their mentor at a minimum of one time per month virtually or in person. The mentee must attend all program sessions as stated in the program schedule provided (see example of program schedule at the bottom of this site). For more expectations on the program, please see syllabus under "Forms & Resources" on this site.

Program Requirements for Mentors & Mentees


  • RIC alumni mentors are paired with students. These relationships are expected to include one-on-one monthly meetings in person and or virtual/phone
  • Monthly workshops are held on Fridays from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. for students in the program. Guest speakers will present on various topics including goal setting, conflict resolution, digital literacy, personal branding, and more!
  • Site-based networking lunches on Friday afternoons, called Lunch N' Learns, across Rhode Island where students will learn about careers and get an inside look at the organization.

Program Topics

Program sessions will cover the following topics: 

  • CliftonStrengths Assessment: How You Are Uniquely Powerful
  • Developing Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Communications Skills
  • Professional Etiquette
  • Networking
  • Leadership 
  • Time Management 
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Creative Problem-Solving
  • Self-Care & Managing Stress
  • Personal Branding
  • Social Media and Professionalism
  • Servant Leadership
  • Community Advocacy
  • Financial Literacy
  • Public Speaking on the Job
  • Resume Building
  • Interview Skills

Program Calendar (2023-2024)

Event/Activity Topic Date Time
Mentor Orientation 1   February 2, 2023 5:30–7:30 pm
Virtual - Mentor Orientation 2   February 3, 2023 8:30–10:30 am
Mentee Orientation   February 10, 2023 12:30–2:30 pm
Program Opening Event  NA February 24, 2023 3:30–6 pm
Program Session 1 Communication & Problem Solving March 17, 2023 12:30–2 pm
Virtual - Program Session 2 Personal Branding & Social Media Professionalism April 14, 2023 12:30–2:30 pm
Lunch N’ Learn CCAP (Lunch n' Learn on Campus) May 19, 2023 12:30–2:30 pm
Summer Activity Resume Support June 2023      Schedule a time to meet with Kathy Sasso. Use handshake/Starfish to schedule appt.
Virtual - Summer Activity Interview Skills July 7, 2023 12:30–2:30 pm
Lunch N’ Learn Jim Murphy '07 - Sustainability Coordinator at RIC hosts the CEO Program July 14, 2023 12:30–2:30 pm
Summer Activity Type Focus Personal and Career Assessment August 18, 2023 12:30–2:30 pm
Program Session 3 Diversity & Inclusion September 15, 2023 12:30–2:30 pm
Program Session 4 Self-Care & Managing Stress October 20, 2023 12:30–2:30 pm
Program Session 5 Public Service & Community Advocacy November 10, 2023 12:30–2:30 pm
Program Session 6 Networking & Professionalism December 8, 2023 12:30–2:30 pm
Program Session 7 Public Speaking on the Job January 12, 2024 12:30–2:30 pm
Program Session 8 Financial Empowerment February 16, 2024 12:30–2:30 pm
CEO Program - Fun Day TBA March 22, 2024 TBA
Final Celebration   April 19, 2024 5:30–7:30 pm

*Please note: All events and program sessions are in person, unless indicated as virtual. Also, all program sessions and locations are subject to change. Please check back on a regular basis.

Application Requirements

Mentee applications are now being accepted!

Apply Today to Become a Mentee

Mentor applications are being accepted on a rolling basis for the upcoming and future cohorts. Alumni who wish to be mentors must submit an application form and accompanying resume.

Apply Today to Become a Mentor 

Partners of the CEO Program

Papitto Opportunity Connection logo

The Career Empowerment Opportunity (CEO) Program is proudly funded by the Papitto Opportunity Connection Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to supporting Rhode Island's Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) community by investing in education, job skills training and entrepreneurial ventures. It is because of the Papitto Foundation that we have been able to provide a $500 career builder grant to every student, in Cohort 4, who completes the CEO Program successfully!

Mentor Rhode Island

The Rhode Island College Alumni Association is proud to partner with MENTOR Rhode Island, a local Non-Profit Organization dedicated to providing quality mentoring services and looked to as the statewide mentoring resource. 

MENTOR Rhode Island conducts the Mentor and Mentee orientations for the CEO program and provides ongoing support with relationship management using evidence-based best practices for mentoring.

Leadership Rhode Island logo

The Rhode Island College Alumni Association is also proud to partner with Leadership Rhode Island, whose mission is to engage and connect people through shared experiences that contribute to the transformation of individuals, organizations, and communities in the State of Rhode Island.

Funders of the CEO Program

  • Pamela L. Mancini '86 and Mark F. Mancini '90
  • Anne M. DeStefano '66 and Robert DeStefano
  • The Papitto Opportunity Connection Foundation

Upcoming Events

This event is an opportunity to showcase the exceptional work being done at RIC, and the impact our alumni have locally and nationally. It promises to be an exciting day and we encourage all who can attend to join us!

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LeeShonel Ayala

LeeShonel Ayala

Alumni Engagement & CEO Program Coordinator