Committee for Faculty Scholarship and Development

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The goal of the Committee for​ Faculty Scholarship and Development (CFS&D) is to encourage faculty scholarship (e.g. research, creative activity), professional development, and training. The Committee also seeks to assure transparency in the allocation process for faculty support and to communicate the results of funding with the RIC community and beyond.

The Committee performs several functions. Each semester, it awards Major Grant requests for up to $4,000 and Mini Grant requests for under $1500. The Committee also awards faculty reassigned time. Please see below for more information.


  •  Emily Cook, Psychology
  • Carse Ramos, Sociology
  • Teresa Coffman, Music, Theatre, Dance
  • Raimundo Kovac, Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Paul Jacques, Business
  • Greg Golden, History
  • Natalie Rogol, Political Science​
  • Stefan Battle, Social Work
  • Nadia Petrovic, Office of Sponsored Programs ​(ex-officio)​​​​​​


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