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2+2 Plans allow students to spend two years at CCRI and then two years at RIC, earning both their associates and bachelors degrees.

How 2+2 Program Plans Work

Several Rhode Island College majors have a 2+2 plan, which maps out the following:

  • the coursework needed to earn an associates degree at CCRI in 2 years (freshman & sophomore years) and
  • the coursework needed to earn a bachelors degree at RIC in 2 years (junior & senior years)

Pursing a major with a 2+2 plan gives you a head start on your major, while at CCRI. You will be able to complete nearly all of RIC’s general education requirements there. (For most majors the only general education course to take while at RIC is the RIC Connections course.) Most plans also include the option to begin a related minor.

Materials to Guide You

Here you are provided with 2+2 plans, which include:

  • a program transfer plan for your first two years at CCRI
  • an Academic Rhodemap​ outlining your last two years (semesters 5–8) at RIC

for the 15 applicable majors.

2+2 Program Plans

Following the course sequences in these plans will enable you to finish both your associates and bachelors degrees in 4 years, (for full-time students). We know that time and cost for your degree is important. These plans provide the most efficient route towards completion of your degrees.

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