Joint Admissions Award for Academic Achievement

Academically successful CCRI students who are enrolled in the JAA are entitled to a tuition reduction (tuition only, not fees) through the Joint Admissions Award for Academic Achievement (JA-AAA) when they enroll at RIC. JAA awards will not be posted until after final transcripts are received. To qualify for the JA-AAA, students must:

  • complete JAA and institutional requirements
  • earn an associate’s degree from CCRI
  • graduate with at least a 3.0 grade point average

Students who earn and maintain at least a 3.0 GPA while at RIC can renew the tuition reduction for a second or third year. If the GPA earned at RIC is 3.0, but not as high as at CCRI, the amount of the tuition waiver may be reduced, as outlined here. Consult an advisor or financial aid officer at the senior institution for more information.

Tuition Reduction Percentage According to GPA

The amount of the tuition reduction for the first year at RIC depends on the students’ CCRI GPA upon graduation:

CCRI GPA Tuition Reduction
3.0 10%
3.25 20%
3.5 or above 30%