Biotechnology B.S.

Student peering into the lens of a microscope

The B.S. degree in biotechnology will provide broad training across subjects necessary for work in the biotechnology fields, especially those areas involved in drug discovery, development and manufacturing. 

Providing hands-on training through an internship program at a biotechnology organization and state of the art equipment at the college.  

What to Expect

With a biotechnology B.S. students will:

  • Learn basic concepts across biology, chemistry, math and computer science.  
  • Apply scientific knowledge to the industry setting during coursework and the internship experience.  
  • Effectively communicate in oral and written forms.
  • Understand the basic regulatory framework governing the biotechnology industry.

Students will also have the flexibility to emphasize areas of interest through electives offered for the major. Students may also pursue a range of relevant academic minors across campus based on their interests. Graduates in the biotechnology program will be prepared to work in the industry or continue for advanced study.

Program Details

Course Information

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Course Requirements

Course Descriptions

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