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Are you a current or prospective World Language Educator who wishes to add an additional language certification?

Program Description

This program meets RIDE requirements for World Language Educators seeking to add an additional language certification. 

Who Can Participate

If you are a current B.A. or M.A.T. major in world languages education and you want to add additional language certification, or if you are a practicing teacher of world languages and you want to add additional language certification, you can do so through the C.U.S. in world languages program.

How Certified Teachers Can Apply

Certified world languages teachers who already hold a B.A. from a regionally accredited institution must submit an application to the program director detailing their interest in the certificate program and include a résumé detailing employment and volunteer experiences.

Other World Languages Programs

We also offer degree-bearing world language programs. Find out more about our World Languages BA programs and our World Languages MAT Program.

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Contact the Program Coordinator

Erin Papa

Dr. Erin Papa

Assistant Professor