World Languages graduates 2021

Program Coordinator:
Assistant Professor Erin Papa 

If you are interested in teaching languages at all levels of instruction, Rhode Island College provides the highest level of teacher preparation and a wide range of field experiences. Along with coursework, you will engage with local language communities through multiple field placements in K-12 and community-based settings. You will also be encouraged to study abroad for a semester to enhance your linguistic and intercultural preparation. Upon successful completion of this program, you will be eligible for full certification to teach world languages in French, Portuguese and/or Spanish in all grades (pre-K-12) in Rhode Island. 

World Languages CUS Programs

World Languages MAT Program

World Languages B.A. Program Details

Admission Requirements

Admission to any undergraduate teacher certification program requires: 

  1. Rhode Island College admission
  2. Feinstein School of Education and Human Development admission.
  3. Completion of program-specific requirements (dependent upon your chosen program). 

Course Information

The links below provide information on course requirements, course descriptions and the Academic Rhode Map, which lists all the courses you will need to complete this program and graduate in a timely fashion. 

Course Requirements

Course Descriptions 

Academic Rhode Map for Concentration in French B.A. 

Academic Rhode Map for Concentration in Portuguese B.A. 

Academic Rhode Map for Concentration in Spanish B.A. 

Minor in Educational Studies 

Declaring a minor allows you to explore other areas of interest and make interdisciplinary connections. Minor areas at RIC complement and reinforce all major areas of study. By declaring a minor, you can set yourself apart as a candidate for job, internship and volunteer opportunities.

Minor in Educational Studies 

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