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If you are a certified music teacher and want to expand your professional skills or advance your career to the next level, apply to Rhode Island College’s M.M.Ed. in music education program. This advanced degree program includes the study of K-12 teaching methods; applied music; assessment; classroom research; and the history, philosophy and psychology of music education. Most of your required courses can be taken in the summer or evenings; and normally, coursework can be completed in three years while attending part time. The program culminates in either a thesis involving original research in the field, a solo recital in your applied area or a conducting recital (choral or instrumental). Our programs are fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Your program is individually developed by you and your graduate advisor, based on information derived from your application, audition, department entrance audition and personal interview. After all the admissions steps have been completed, you and your graduate advisor will work together to develop a formal Plan of Study which, when approved and signed, will become your degree curriculum.

You may start taking courses in the program before the Plan of Study is formulated, especially if your application process has begun and if the courses you are taking are expected to be included in your Plan of Study. A maximum of 9 credit hours taken before formal admission can be included in your program. Depending on the agreed Plan of Study, a maximum of 6 credit hours of graduate coursework may be accepted in transfer from other institutions.

Program Details

Admission and Course Information

The link below provides information on admission requirements, course requirements and course descriptions.

Admission and Course Requirements

Contact Mrs. Dottie Grady at 401-456-8822 or Mrs. Grady will review the application process with you and direct you to the appropriate faculty member for more information.

Course Descriptions

Program Learning Goals

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate leadership in professional music education.
  • Demonstrate enhanced skills in teaching in classroom and rehearsal settings.
  • Demonstrate a solid foundation in scholarship and research that will grow over their professional lifetime and that will inform and support their professional work.
  • Build on the base of performance skills established in their baccalaureate studies.