International NGOs and Nonprofit Studies Minor/Certificate


About the Program

International nongovernmental organizations studies (or INGOS) are nonprofit groups or associations that are independent of any government and work in more than one country. The Certificate of Undergraduate Study (C.U.S.) in INGOS at Rhode Island College introduces students to organizations that include Amnesty International, the World Wildlife Fund and Doctors without Borders and explores the many ways that these important nongovernmental organizations are shaping our world.

The INGOS program develops your understanding of global issues; provides exposure to career choices in the international arena and to graduate school opportunities in internationally oriented fields; promotes international travel; and facilitates​ internships with INGOS both in New England and around the world. This program is open to students in all majors, including political science, modern languages, social work, business and communications.

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Program Details

Program/Learning Goals

Upon completion of this program, students will have:

  • Been exposed to the many ways that nongovernmental actors and groups of actors shape the world. Effectively contextualize INGOs as important members of global civil society and the global system.
  • An understanding of global issues and problems and introduce them to the creative ways that INGOs solve these problems. Inform students about the objectives, approaches and tactics of specific INGOs.
  • Been introduced to community engagement through the RI Food Justice Project.
  • Taken part in INGO activities through internships, which give students practical and valuable job experience and allow them to apply ideas and theories explored in the classroom.
  • Cultivated their critical-thinking skills through in-depth case studies of INGOs across a range of issue areas.
  • Honed their skills for success in working with/for INGOs: carrying out research, making an argument, providing evidence and persuading a listener, writing clearly and concisely, and speaking publicly.
  • Engaged with important global issues.

Minor in INGOS

Declaring a minor allows you to explore other areas of interest and make interdisciplinary connections. Minor areas at RIC complement and reinforce all major areas of study. By declaring a minor, you can set yourself apart as a candidate for job, internship and volunteer opportunities.

Minor in INGOS

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Program Director

Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science oversees degree programs in political science, public administration, geography and a certificate program in international nongovernmental organizations.