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The overall goal of the M.A. in psychology program is to educate students about the major content areas and the science of psychology. You will gain an understanding of psychological theory and principles, an understanding of the scientific method of inquiry and data analysis, the ability to be critical consumers of psychological literature and the ability to conduct independent research. Some of the benefits of our program include small classes; evening classes; the ability to enroll part time or full time; and the ability to gain specialized knowledge in applied areas such as health psychology, psychology and the law, and organizational psychology.

To help fund your education, a limited number of graduate assistantships are available within the Department of Psychology and at the college. In addition, scholarships are available for first-year students in the M.A. in psychology program based on merit and financial need. Inquiries should be made to the director of the graduate program in psychology at Applications for an assistantship or a scholarship must be received by the March 1 deadline.

Please note: The M.A. in psychology program does not prepare you to become a licensed psychologist. If you wish to become a licensed counselor, it is recommended that you examine the programs offered by RIC’s Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology. 


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Program Details

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Program Director:
Dr. Katherine Lacasse

Program/Learning Goals

Upon completion of this program, students will have gained:

  • Knowledge of the major concepts and theoretical perspectives in psychology.
  • An understanding of research design and analysis in psychology.
  • The ability to conduct independent research from project conception through data analysis and interpretation.
  • The ability to write effectively and professionally about research.
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