DSC Request Accommodations

Getting Started with DSC

The Disability Services Center (DSC) at Rhode Island College is the College’s designated agent for determining eligibility, facilitating access, and coordinating accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities. Students requesting adjustments, modifications, or services related to a disability should register with the DSC to determine eligibility. Students can request and manage their accommodations through our online portal, Accessible Information Management (AIM).

To request accommodations for the first time at Rhode Island College, follow the DSC Registration Process below:

  1. Submit a New Student Application
    Use your Rhode Island College credentials to log into our online portal, Accessible Information Management or AIM, at accessiblelearning.com/ric and complete a New Student Application. We ask for relevant information about your disability or medical condition, its impact on you, and any specific accommodations requested.
  2. Submit Supporting Documentation
    Relevant and current documentation from a qualified professional is required to establish a non-obvious disability and disability-related need for accommodations. After submitting your application, you can upload supporting documentation directly to your application via AIM. Review our Documentation Guidelines for assistance. Need more time to get documentation? You can submit documentation at any point in the process and can discuss the possibility of provisional accommodations with a DSC staff member in the interim.
  3. Schedule an Intake
    DSC staff will review your application, assign a primary DSC advisor, and invite you to schedule an intake with them by email. At your intake, we will review your eligibility for accommodations based on the information provided. If eligible, we will work collaboratively to develop an appropriate accommodation plan based on your self-report in the New Student Application and the supporting documentation you submitted. At this or a subsequent appointment, we will discuss next steps and provide any trainings necessary to access your accommodations effectively each semester.

IMPORTANT: All three steps must be completed before a student can be eligible to receive accommodations. Submitting documentation to the institution alone is not sufficient.

Ongoing Requests

After registering with the DSC, students who are eligible to receive accommodations on an ongoing basis can request them as-needed through the online portal, AIM.

To receive accommodations in their courses each semester, students will need to request accommodation letters for each course via AIM. Some accommodation services—like test proctoring, accessible media provision, assistive technology loans, communication access services, and peer notetaking—may also require you to submit individual requests (as outlined by DSC separately) to facilitate timely and appropriate administration of those services.


Check out our FAQs, or contact us at dsc@ric.edu to schedule a consultation with a member of our team.