Sample student ID card leaning against a RIC mug
What We Do

We create new and replacement ID cards and oversee the functions and access that the cards provide.

Contact Information
Your Student ID is your access to nearly everything on campus.

All the Ways ID Cards are Used

Your student ID is your access to so many services, both on and off campus:

  • food
  • beverages
  • photocopies
  • printing
  • textbooks
  • room access
  • laundry
  • the library
  • the recreation center
  • free admission to the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Museum
  • the Rhode Island public bus system*

*Your student ID serves as an unlimited Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) bus pass. All registered and enrolled students have unlimited access to RIPTA routes, including the riders with disability bus.

How the Student ID Office Assists You

The Student ID Office is located on the second level of Donovan, near the bridge to the Student Union.  Our office creates new and replacement student IDs, assists with access into residence halls and student organization offices, and administers the campus points program.

Managing Funds on Your ID

With a GET account you can manage your student ID card by adding Dining Dollars and Campus Points, placing food orders, and viewing your meal plan use history.

Login to Your RIC GET Account

Frequently Asked Questions

Your student ID serves many purposes, so it's important to understand all of its features.

The student ID consists of 3 accounts:

  • Campus Points Account: for use at all locations where points are accepted: Donovan Dining Center, The Beestro, the Bookstore, Adams Library copiers, all vending machines, and laundry facilities in all Residence Halls. Campus points are the college’s universal cashless tender. These points can be used and refunded without restriction. 1 point = 1 cent.
  • Dining Dollars Points Account: for use at Donovan Dining Center and The Beestro. This account is useful if you would like to restrict funds for food only.
  • The Meal Plan Account, which consists of 2 tenders:
    • Meals for use at Donovan Dining Center
    • Flex Meal Points for use at Donovan Dining Center or The Beestro

More Information on Meal Plans

When making a purchase at Donovan Dining Center or The Beestro, present your ID to the cashier and tell them which account you want to use for payment: Campus Points, Dining Dollars, or your Meal Plan.

IDs are verified at the entrance to the Recreation Center and at the circulation desk at Adams Library. Your ID functions like a library card - you can use it to check out materials at the Adams Library. Membership and access to campus recreation facilities is a function of your student ID. You can go to the Recreation Center to have your student ID card activated for use there.

Your student ID will will be programmed with access to your residence hall on move-in day. If you need assistance with this access, please come to the Student ID Office.

Students taking at least one class in the current semester are eligible to use their ID as a free bus pass. Simply swipe your ID on the bus system. If the system returns an error message, please let the Student ID Office know. We can replace your ID and/or work with RIPTA to ensure that your ID works appropriately.

Please contact the Student ID Office. We can process refund requests in person, over the phone, or via email.

Call the Student ID Office Email the Student ID Office

Please report lost IDs to the Student ID office as soon as possible. All privileges associated with a lost ID are removed upon issuing a replacement. Come to the Student ID Office and we will replace your ID at no charge.

Please do not punch a hole or alter your student ID in any way. Storing your ID near a magnet on your phone will cause the magnetic stripe to fail.