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What We Do

Web Communications is responsible for the management, development and maintenance of Rhode Island College's official web site,

Contact Information

We partner with the college's offices, departments, divisions, and schools to ensure that web content is in service of the audience and goals defined by the institution's mission.

Who We Are

The Web Communications team, as part of the Office of Communications and Marketing, creates web content in service of the institution's mission and strategic plan.

What We Do

Our team ensures that all work done on the domain serves the intended audience and site goals, as set by the institution. In doing so, we leverage web best practices regarding user experience, user interface, search engine optimization, and accessibility. We are committed to implementing practices and standards as defined by level AA of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0​.

How You Can Work with Us

We work with people and areas of the institution in a variety of ways, from small edits to larger restructuring. To improve your area of the website you can:

  • request small updates and content edits
  • ask that we take what's currently on your page and make it more user friendly, scannable, searchable and accessible
  • talk to us about rewriting/reorganizing/restructuring your page or area
  • inquire about having a new page(s) created for you
  • find out if one of our web forms can help you collect data

But one of the very best ways you can work with us is to become a content creator/editor yourself. You know your subject matter better than we do, so if you allow us to train you on the Drupal Content Management System and continually be your partner as you add and edit material we can post the best content in the most optimal way.

Want to Add an Event to the Website?

We can help you add events to our centralized list of events. Just send an email to both Carrie Miller and Andrew Sandlin, along with the details and image for your event. Please refer to our sample event to ensure that you provide us with all content required for the event to be created.


Submit a Request

We want to ensure that your content gets presented in a way that is:

  • user-friendly
  • accessible
  • searchable

Submit a request to help us better understand your need and how you'd like to work with us.